Thursday, August 29, 2013

State Street Garage Update- August 29, 2013

By this weekend all of the decks of the State Street Garage should be open for use including the new top deck. Painting and signage has been virtually completed. All of the elevators are now back in working order including the elevator on the west side of State Street. The overpass has been functional for some time.

Work is ongoing along State Street and also Central Avenue for sidewalk construction and repair. This may necessitate continued lane closures for a short while.

The new parking spaces being created on the bottom two levels have been delayed pending design upgrade and probably won't be available until later this fall at this point.

Landscaping will follow this last bit of work and the folks at Dogwood Arts have arranged for a sculpture to be placed on the site of the old elevator core which is in the process of demolition. This area will be added to their mix for annual sculpture exhibits.

Following are some recent pictures of the garage. The last several pictures were taken by friends at McCarty Holsaple McCarty.

Expect large crowds Downtown this weekend with the home opener for UT Football and also for Boomsday on Sunday. Please have patience and remain mindful of some of the road closures in the area for these events. Information related to parking and to road closures can be found on the City of Knoxville website at  and at the CBID website at

Thanks for your interest in this project and in Downtown Knoxville.

Friday, August 9, 2013

State Street Garage Update- August 9, 2013

The glass roof panels are almost all in place on the overpass from the State Street garage to the landing area outside of Regal Cinema. The weather continues to cause construction delays however in much of the remaining work. Below are a few pictures of the new roof:

The new elevator core construction is almost finished as well. Paint is being applied for each of the levels and new signage is being installed.

Storm drains continue to be constructed and sidewalks rebuilt.. This has become more complicated than originally thought and we have had some delays here. The next pictures are along Clinch Avenue.

 Storm drain work and also sidewalk repair is ongoing along S. Central Street

Plans are still being finalized for secured parking on the lower two levels. This new parking area will probably not be available until later in October. The restroom here is being reconstructed and the existing elevator is being upgraded. Plumbing, electric, and HVAC details are still being decided. Below are a few pictures of the secured parking levels and the core/restroom area:

The new sidewalk construction is in process along State Street. The picture below is of the area that will also include the new screened garbage collection area.

And, as if there is not enough construction already in the area, the Tennessee Theater is getting a long delayed new roof which has necessitated the closure of Clinch Avenue from State Street to S. Gay Street for the next few months.

The original approximately 850 spaces in the garage should mostly be available next week and the new level is on track to open in the first few weeks of September. Some drainage, painting, and signage work is about all that is left to be accomplished here.At some point soon we hope to reopen the garage to transient parkers on the same schedule as we had before construction. For now, though, the garage opens to transient parkers beginning at 2:00 pm. Of course the garage is open to monthly parkers at all times.

Thanks all of you for your patience and understanding in working through this project.
As always thanks for your interest in Downtown Knoxville.