Thursday, February 14, 2013

State Street Garage Update-February 14, 2013

Our contractor, Rentenbach Constructors, Inc., is continuing to make good progress on our project and the new deck is really starting to take shape.
However, we are having problems with keeping both cars and pedestrians out of the work zone and we ask that you closely follow the directions of our flaggers and also to pay attention to the traffic control signs. Yesterday the site was shut down for approximately 30 minutes because some individual drove his car through the site, parked and walked directly under the swing radius of the crane. We have strict safety guidelines we have to abide by so we cannot allow this to continue to happen.
Because of this incident and others like it this week, we have been forced to close off even more of the garage during the day and have added even more signage and folks on site.
Our goal is to be off of State Street by March 5, 2013 and we simply will not be able to meet that goal without cooperation.
I have urged everyone  to park in the surface lot next to the garage as much as possible to avoid any conflicts. The Coliseum is also an option for the next few weeks and the trolley runs right by there.
We are meeting continually to monitor this situation and I will let everyone know as soon as I find out about any changes to parking in this area. We realize on high traffic days like today, even the surface lot next door is full.
Below are some pictures of the crane erecting the precast concrete sections.

You may have noticed quite a bit of work around Regal Cinema as well. This work is in anticipation of the new overpass to be installed the first of March. KUB has taken this opportunity to upgrade their transformer here and to also relocate it to a better location. The previous location of the transformer was problematic because of access issues but also was in the old crosswalk area which forced the creation of a second crosswalk. This has caused a lot of confusion and safety concerns in the last few years so this project will correct that condition as well.
Happy Valentines Day everyone. I know we are all looking forward to Spring which is just around the corner.
Thanks for your interest in Downtown and in the State Street Garage progress.

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