Thursday, March 14, 2013

State Street Garage Update- March 14, 2013

The first phase of work on the State Street Garage has now been completed and the crane has successfully relocated to S. Central Street near the intersection with Clinch Avenue. The Contractor is having repair issues with the crane in the new location but we hope to have that resolved soon. When we resume work, once again one half of the garage will be unavailable for parking.
Please pay close attention to the detours and flaggers. All of the entrances and exits to the garage should be open most of the time. State Street has reopened and at least one lane of both Clinch Avenue and Union Avenue should be open most of the time. Please let everyone know that access to Neyland Drive is not possible via S.Central Street during these hours.
The closure is in place until April 15.
One lane of S. Central will be opened on nights and on weekends, unless work is scheduled for an occasional Saturday.

The plan is to bring in a smaller crane the first week of April to set the new overpass into place off of State Street and begin the final phase of construction.
There have certainly been some issues so far but no more so than occurs with most projects and our Contractor( Rentenbach Constructors) has done a great job in resolving all of the issues I think.
Also the patience and understanding of the folks we work with there has been greatly appreciated.
The additional parking and the new walkway to S. Gay Street from the Garage will be a wonderful enhancement to our Downtown.

It seems that every building Downtown is getting a new roof soon which means temporary road closures. Gay Street along the 400 block will likely be closed Sunday March 24 and again on Sunday March 31 for about four hours to load and unload roofing materials for the Phoenix Building. We will send out a notice when we get the exact timing. Also the Burwell Building near Clinch Avenue will be getting a new roof in the next few weeks so a truck will be in that area as well. At some point this year the Tennessee Theatre is also scheduled for a new roof and the Presbyterian Church on State Street is in process with a roof project now.

Saint Patrick's Day celebrations are this weekend all over Downtown and the first week of April will bring us the beginning of the wonderful Dogwood Arts Festival.
Please plan to join us Downtown if you can.
As always thanks for your interest.


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