Wednesday, May 1, 2013

State Street Garage Update- April 30, 2013

All of the precast concrete installation has now been completed including the overpass and new parking deck. All of the streets around the State Street Garage have reopened as well as all of the entrances and exits to the garage. One lane of S. Central Street will be closed some time soon for a few days to install a storm system and other temporary closures are still possible while we finish this project. This is particularly true for State Street as we plan to rebuild the sidewalk there and relocate the trash enclosure. The frame for the roof to be installed on the overpass is in place and the handrail will be installed soon. A small crane will be used to lift the glass roof sections into place in the next few weeks. Much of the parking area has been restored in the garage at this point. The upper deck and the new deck are still closed off while we finish the detail work there. Below are several pictures of the project taken the last few weeks. Some of them have been supplied by the Contractor and were taken at some of the key moments.

Please join me Downtown for First Friday on May 3, 2013. Also the Farmers Market begins today at Market Square.
Thanks for your interest in this project and in Downtown Knoxville.

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