Tuesday, July 16, 2013

State Street Garage Update- July 16, 2013

Sorry for the delay in reporting progress on the State Street Garage Expansion. The heavy lifting of precast concrete has been completed and almost all lanes of all of the surrounding streets are open. A majority of the garage itself is open to parking. 
Frankly there has not been a lot to report. Some of  the work remaining to be completed includes the new elevator core, the storm system, old elevator core demolition, and new glass roof on the overpass.
Plans are to begin work on the glass roof over the overpass to S. Gay Street this week and that work will require some closures of the overpass and possibly some lane closures on State Street for limited times over the next few weeks. Since we are continuing to work in that area, the elevator on the west side of State Street will remain closed and the temporary stairwell will be a point of access. The existing elevator in the State Street Garage will remain working until the end of the project and that elevator can talk folks up to the overpass level.
The weather has finally had an effect on our timeline as has other unforeseen issues which are not unusual when dealing with a project like this. Issues with utilities and older streets surrounding this project always were a cause for concern and it is all but impossible to plan and design for those instances.
Sometime in early August the goal is to reopen the existing older top level so the garage will be completely reopened as it was before construction. The opening of the new top level will then be in early September. The two lower levels of parking that we recently added will hopefully be open by later in September.
Below are a few pictures of the project taken in the last few weeks.

Thanks for your continued interest in Downtown Knoxville and in the State Street Garage Expansion project. I hope to see you Downtown very soon.

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